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Slimming World Recipe

Having joined my local Slimming World club in April of this year, I have successfully managed to lose weight on a weekly basis while following their Extra Easy Plan. This healthy eating plan means I am feeling great and fitting into some of my favourite clothes.

If you have attended a Slimming World club, you will know the importance of participating in the group discussions & learning from what other members are eating. My Slimming World consultant Karen often asks me for advice on what I would make with certain foods & how I would cook it. I do love to cook…

Slimming World Recipe

A speedy & healthy alternative to this British classic breakfast dish. Enjoy, safe in the knowledge that this is a reduced fat breakfast.

If you didn’t have time for breakfast, this Slimming World Recipe will give you a great late start to the day and ensure you’re getting your 5 a day fruit intake.

Don’t plan on eating anything else with this soup, it’s a meal on it’s own. A great way of helping you cut out fatty bread or rolls from your diet.

A feast from the sea, you can add your favourite fish into this seafood risotto, mussels or anchovies, the end results the same – a clean plate every time.

Healthier Eating


This is when I decided to share my ideas online and create my “Slimming World Recipe” website to help other people make healthier choices about what they are eating and how to cook it.

The healthier choices I’ve made when eating & cooking have helped me achieve numerous awards with Slimming World, this includes: 3 Slimmer of The Week Awards, 1 Slimmer of The Month Award & Club 10 Award.  None of these awards would have been possible without changing what I eat and the way I cook it.

My “Slimming World Recipe” pages are designed to help you experiment with food and how you cok it, they are simply recipes I enjoy and what’s more help shed those extra lbs.

Cutting out too many fats & oils from your diet is not the end of the world, it’s the start of a healthier lifestyle.

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